Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Village of Marengo - 15mm building from Total Battle Systems

After finishing of the Fontanone Stream it seemed to make sense to get some buildings for the village the battle of Marengo was named after. Unforunately it seems though that 15mm Northern Italian buildings for the Napoleonic period are not all that easy to find. Russian, Northern European and Peninsular, and obviously Waterloo, are all pretty well covered, so for now I'll be making do with buildings that are close, but not perfect.

The first and only house so far is from Total Battle Systems "Big Battalions - 15mm Black Powder Europe" range, available here LINK

This building is the "Three Storey Single House", which comes unpainted for £6 plus P&P. The mould is clean and almost without any bubbles, paints up very easily, and is one of the highest quality resin terrain pieces I've seen. The footprint is 50mm x 50mm, so it takes up little table space.

I've painted this house in a "Italian" colour scheme. It's not 100% correct, but its close enough. I'll definitely be getting some more of Total Battle Systems 15mm buildings, though the others are more obviously not Italian.

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Vive l'Empereur said...

The Spanish buildings from SHQ and maybe a few from the Miniatures Building Authority would work. JR Miniatures' Italian line is actually 20th century and so won't work. I've been contemplating doing it all in 6mm, but just can't get worked up enough to leave 15mm.

Your building looks alright, just a little on the plain side. Maybe that's just my thoughts as I kind of went overboard with my buildings: