Friday, 13 June 2014

IR47 Infantry Regiment Kinsky (Graf F. Kinsky), 2nd Battalion

Its been a while since I posted the last battalion of Austrians. I was surprised how long it had been, but I've managed to finish another! This is the 2nd Battalion of IR47 Kinsky. There were only the two battalions at Marengo, so that is that regiment completed. Again, as in the first battalion, I have used the lovely Blue Moon range. I swapped out a base from the first battalion so that each has a base with an NCO.

I have just noticed the flagpole isn't finished, but that can be sorted without a problem. Here are the two battalions together.

And here is the infantry contingent of the army so far, just to show off how impressive two the whole complete regiments looks on the table. I still have five more German battalions waiting in the painting queue, plus one Hungarian battalion, but next up before those is a Hungarian Grenadier battalion, again using Blue Moon figures.

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Jonathan Freitag said...

Great work! Enjoy watching this project grow.