Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Making Roads (and putting some terrain and figures on the table)

The other day there the kids had me put the buildings, stream, bridge and trees out on the table with some figures, and what was clear was that I really needed to sort out the road situation. Now at the moment I have limited funds and some spare time, and with a pile of heavy card sitting under my desk, I decided to make myself a test piece of road.

I cut a length of card, 60mm wide to allow a 40mm base width and 10mm each side for some grass, and plastered it lightly with grout. I scored the grout with a bit of scrap card and let it dry. Once it was dry I blobbed PVA glue along the edges and sprinkled sand and gravel. Once that was dry I painted the whole piece with the "chocolate" brown paint I picked up from a DIY store, let it dry, gave it a light wash of darker brown, then drybrushed with a 50/50 mix of the brown and a stone grey. I added a little static grass afterwards.

All in it took about ten minutes between doing some housework and it turned out not bad.

I had to be careful not to put too much onto the card so that it didn't warp. It still turns up a little but not too much.

Once I was happy with this piece I did another couple of bits. A "T" junction and a curve. I still need to do a few more straight pieces, which I'll do shorter next time to avoid as much of a warp. These new bits haven't been drybrushed yet - just undercoated and washed, but that shows the painting process.

Then while taking these pictures I got carried away...

First I added a couple of buildings, then  some trees, then the stream and bridge, and before I knew it I was putting Marengo on the table. It's a very squashed version though as I didn't have much space. In a proper game I'd have a this all a but more spread out, and I need a lot more of the road pieces.

After putting out the terrain it only made sense to add some figures.

So here we have a small French force of two demi-brigades and a cavalry regiment marching through an Italian town and being met by a couple of Austrian Battalions supported by artillery.

So, after putting these out I've decided a few things. I need a lot more roads and a huge lot more gaming space, my streams are way too blue, and worst of all - my French Heavy Cavalry with added plumes... the plumes are a little fragile. Where's my super glue?


Jonathan Freitag said...

Looks good! Too bad about the plume casualties.

Colin Baillie said...

I got them sorted Jonathan, but the worry is when these are use is proper game they'll not survive intact. I probably should have drilled, pinned and then greenstuffed them.

Sun of York said...

Lovely looking figures. I've used PVA glue (prior to varnishing) as away of strengthening plumes, swords and bayonets on my guys.

Getting water colour right is a challenge. I haven't really started to model streams yet, but have taken a different approach for some immediate battles in printing out the maps. It is still early days and only for historical scenarios. It also solves the road problem. I always find model roads (and streams for that matter) too wide in game turns, but I am sure there is a trade off.