Thursday, 14 May 2015

Revolutionary Flags (NEW RELEASE) - 4th Cavalarie (Cuirassiers) 1794

While its been quiet on the figure side of things (I'm working on a few things) the flags have been progressing.

The next is almost finished. This one was a request from Von Winterfeld on TMP who had done some fantastic conversion work to create some early French Cuirassiers.

This is the first version of that flag. There are a couple of slight questions that I need answered so this may change.

The second version will have the Royalist emblems removed and/or patched over.

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Anonymous said...

I put a longer contribution on TMP - a great first attempt, but I am positive you spot your errors, like the blue scroll which should be silver etc. given by the text and pictural information I did sent directly to you.
I am looking forward to see your progess