Wednesday, 11 December 2013

3pdr Regimental Artillery for Knesvich and Briey's Brigades

Knesvich's and Briey's Brigades in my army are supported by two guns each of 3 pound Regimental Infantry Artillery. I've given my artillery slightly larger bases than most rules suggest, just because I felt it looked better to give the miniatures a more realistic amount of space - I wouldn't like to be standing where most miniatures stand when a cannon is fired!

The guns are from Warmodelling and were painted in a 50/50 mix of Ochre Verde (Vallejo) and Yellow, then given a light wash of GWs Agrax Earthshade. The crew are a mix of Warmodelling and Blue Moon artillery figures. The uniform of the Artillery of this period seems to be contentious, especially the colour of the coats. I've given them a worn earthy brown colour and varied the shades between some of them to give them a campaign look. Hopefully is close enough to be reasonable accurate.


LittleArmies said...

Hi Colin,
These are very nice. I have a battery of BH Austrians on the painting table - and they are a bit small and unsatisfying (nothing I can put my fingers on - just a bit boring).

You did a good job on your OG Line Infantry too - I got a bag of those from eBay and sold them on as I hated the sculpting so much!

I don't seem to be able to "follow" your blog except by email. I think you need to update your settings?


Colin Baillie said...

Thanks for the feedback Malc. I don't have any of the BH Austrians due to the size, but I can recommend Blue Moon. I'll be getting some Campaign Miniatures artillery figures as some point.

I'm not to happy with the OG figures either. I don't think its a sculpting issue, more that the masters are losing definition, especially on details like the cross belts etc.

I am aware of the "follow" issue. I have another blog that seems to be fine for followers. I've made some changes so hopefully you can follow now.