Wednesday, 11 December 2013

IR23 Infantry Regiment, Toscana (Grand Duke of Tuscany), 2nd Battalion

This is the second of three battalions of German infantry that make up IR23 Grossherzog Ferdinand von Toscana (the Regiment of the Grand Duke of Tuscany) that fought at Morengo under Generalmajor (GM) Vincenz Freiherr Knezevich de Szent-Helena.

Again, the figures are from Old Glory, and were picked up as a bargain from eBay. I also managed to find a couple of eBay auctions for Austrian officers and generals, with figures from Old Glory and Battle Honours. Battle Honours are a little bit small compared to some of my other figures, whereas I find the Old Glory to be quite large, even compared to AB or Warmodelling. The officer figure leading this battalion seemed at first to be a perfect miniature to lead the unit, but the more I look at him the more I feel his head is twisted to a strange angle. Still, I like the way he has his hat raised on his sabre.

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