Sunday, 19 January 2014

IR23 Infantry Regiment, Toscana (Grand Duke of Tuscany) completed.

Now that I have completed the IR23 Grand Duke of Tuscany Infantry Regiment I thought I would post some pictures of the full Brigade. Three 32 man battalions, two batteries of 3 pounder foot artillery, and GM Knesevich is command.
The figures are mostly 15mm Old Glory, Austrian Infantry in Helmet March Attack, with a couple of Road March thrown in for variety. The Mounted officers in the 2nd and 3rd Battalions are from Old Glory and AB. The Generals are from Old Glory. The artillery crew are from Warmodelling and Blue Moon and the guns from  Warmodelling.

Regiment advancing in Massed Column.

Regiment in Line

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David Hollins said...

Interesting that we have two memoirs from this regiment - Rauch, who was with this 3rd battalion and saw the guard get clobbered. The other is from Graf Hochenegg, who was with 1st battalion and he tells us who went in the assaults over the Laufbrucke bridge north of Marengo. He also had he interesting experience of a canister coming through, which had not split and only did so when it hit the ground, one ball hitting him.