Friday, 23 January 2015

Vendean Rebels - a 15mm distraction

Every now and then I feel the need to distract myself from my Austrian army... first it was expanding the collection to include the French, just to avoid going white uniform crazy... and then I read a little more about the era Marengo was fought in and looked at adding some Piedmontese to the collection.

I also found the Vendee Rebellion to be a fascinating part of the Revolutionary Period and had to have a set of the Allan Toullier figures. The website for these is currently down, saying "under construction", but hopefully these figures from France will be available again soon.

I've only done one small unit of these as I don't really want to get too distracted, but I'm sure the Austrian army at Marengo would have loved to have seen a Royalist uprising happen during 1800 to distract Napoleon.

So here are the figure, all from Allan Toulliers range, with the flag artwork created by myself (and available in 15 or 28mm if anybody wants these).



Phil said...

Very tempting to play this period when we see these beautiful troops...great job!

Buckeye said...

I am guessing that Allan Toullier range is kaput? I cannot find his website online any longer.