Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Piedmontese: Austria's Allies - Part 3 Regt Piedmont with Flags

I finally got to the printer and got a set of flags printed for my Piedmontese. I got a few sets of 15mm and a couple of 28mm, so if anybody is after these they are now available.

I also quickly did some artwork for the 42nd (Highland) Regiment, otherwise known as the Black Watch, for their 1756 colours suitable for the French Indian Wars and Seven Years War era. This was for a little side project where I was sorting out my lack of Scottish troops in my collection, which didn't seem right as I am Scottish.

There are loads of these already on the market, but those available for free were not to the standard that I wanted. So I went and did my own. Again, I got a few sets of these and the rest are available for sale at as cheap as I can afford.

So here are the Piedmontese finally 100% finished (except for the fact there are no Grenadiers or Chasseus - which I may add using Eureka's Saxons if they look ok).


Jonathan Freitag said...

Your Old Glory figures as Piedmontese look great! Handsome flags too.

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking troops, cool flags too!