Saturday, 11 April 2015

Coming next and almost done...

Tonight we're heading for a few days break in Barcelona. My wife loves trailing through museums and art galleries, which means I get to spot lots of inspirational historical stuff.

It also means that the figure painting goes on hold until I get home, while working from home on a large design project has already meant I've had a week with no painting.

On a plus side I got some lovely AB Revolutionary period Austrian Grenz which I plan to paint as O'Donol's Frei-corps. I painted one up yesterday and it looks good - I just need to decide whether I add their distinctive plumes and cords. I'll post a picture of the first trial figure next week.

I'm also close to finishing the Piedmont battalion I started quite a while ago. I just need to paint the straps on their muskets and then get them based. I've finished off the flag artwork and these will be going down to the printers as soon as the kids are back to school. I'll get these printed in both 15/18mm and 28mm scale and they will be available along with the French flags I already have on sale.

So hopefully next week I'll have some cool photos from Barcelona and a few figure updates.

And then I really, really need to finish that Austrian German combined Grenadier battalion that is 90% finished. Then some more French, Austrian artillery, and the half done Cossacks, and the French Heavy Cavalry, Dragoons and ... sigh. Do we ever get done with this hobby?

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paulalba said...

I fear we only get done when we are dead.

Or at least that's what my buddy Robert said when I asked him when will he be finished collecting 15mm naps while looking through his 18,000 strong collection!

Have a great trip Colin, I really need to get abroad again myself some time soon!