Friday, 27 March 2015

15/18mm Prussian Landwehr - Just for Waterloo's Anniversary

A long time ago now, back when I started getting back into Napoleonics, the first unit I built was a Prussian Landwehr Battalion.

Seeing that everybody is going Waterloo crazy right now for some reason, I pulled out the old unit and took some new photos. The figures are a mix of Warmodelling and AB.

Edit: One thing I just noticed is that one of the figures has gone grey! Is he a ghost? What's happened here? Any ideas?


paulalba said...

Very nice Colin, what's your opinion to mixing in the warmodellibg landwehr with AB? They seem to work really well together. The musters look around the same size. I found with the russian warmodellibg figures some of the figures were pretty large compared to even AB and some of the hands and arms/legs had casting problems and others looked really nice.

Sun of York said...

Very nice. I only have the Warmodelling Prussian Grenadiers (I wanted figures with the big plumes) and I'm very happy with them.

As to your ghost - could be metal rot although I doubt it.

Could be that when it was varnished the varnish spray dried just as it reached the figure and created a dust like cover? (This is my best guess)

Could be a reaction between different brands of paint - but then why just the one figure?

Could have been visited by an insect of some sort - i.e. is it a web residue or some sort?

Maybe just dust/dirt, splosh of drink, human or animal secretions (I'm trying to put that nicely)

Maybe you painted him up funny at the time and then forgot?

Maybe he's fine, but the camera is playing tricks.

LOL endless possibilities.