Friday, 13 March 2015

15mm Civilian Wagons from Museum Miniatures

I was browsing through eBay a couple of days ago and was looking at some figure packs from Museum Miniatures on buy-it-now deals and noticed these rather nice carts and wagons. Now I don't know about other wargamers and miniature collectors, but I've always liked a bit of useless eye candy to sit around the game table as nothing but decoration. These pieces of the collection add no combat value to your army, but I have always thought that they can enhance a table.

So two wagons were duly ordered, and only a couple of days later they dropped through the letterbox. I had no idea how these would scale; whether they would be traditional 15mm and tiny compared to newer figures, or whether the quality would be poor - even though judging by the picture on eBay they looked decent.

Having opened these, I saw immediately that these are really nice models. Simple but highly effective.

They came packed in small poly bags, with the traditional folded card with company name.

The first wagon was a simple flat bed carrying sacks, pulled by two small ponies (I assume these are small horses comparing them to the figure that accompanies them) and a figure of a civilian driver on foot. This fellow will be fine for any period from late medieval, through renaissance, to the late 18th century. Now that I see them I will use these alongside my Vendean figures as the broad brimmed hat matches their look.

The flat-bed can be used without the sacks and is just as nice without the load.

Both wagons fit together really easily, and even without any gluing you can see how well the parts go together. I probably won't glue the sacks to this base so that the miniature can be used with or without load.

The hay wagon is a bulky bit of kit. The hay load is massive, so much so that you don't actually see the wagon. The rear wheels fit directly onto the hay load. Overall this is a great looking little set and I'm looking forward to painting it up.

So how do these scale up beside my other figures? Obviously these have only put together for the photos, so they don't have the same height advantage of having a base under them, but they look fine beside both AB and Blue Moon's Austrians.

As I said, these will be part of my Vendee collection, and here is one of them alongside some Vendean rebels.

Once I paint these I'll post up the finished pictures, but I'm already confident they will look great alongside my army.

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Jonathan Freitag said...

Those do look nice and useful too.