Thursday, 19 March 2015

15mm Civilian Wagons Part 2

The wagons from Museum Miniatures are coming along fine. The only issue with the models was that the sacks on the grain wagon will be difficult to fit if you glue the wheels to close to the wagon body. I did this and had to trim the grain sacks about 1mm thinner to fit between the wheels.

The other issue, and this isn't a criticism of the miniatures, was that the horse were tiny. These are true 15mm so the small size was to be expected, but compared to my other figures the horses seemed totally wrong. You can see this in this picture, which has the first wagon half painted.

This picture shows the draught horses compared to French heavy cavalry, and even considering that the cavalry are on large horses, I would have though the draught horses to be big animals as well.

The French horses are from Warmodelling, so with that in mind I remembered I had a couple of spare Warmodelling Austrian horses from a limber set. These were closer in size to what I needed.

Unfortunately I only had two of these, while I needed four - and the horses can't be ordered separately from Warmodelling or their sellers.

I was on the Fighting 15s website, looking at Eureka's Seven Years War figures, and noticed their really nice wagons in the Russian range. Not only did they have wagons, but they sold the horses separately at 40p each, so four were ordered. They arrived quickly, three days after ordering I think, and they are big horses! They are 18mm scale, but still BIG!

I really like these, and they do look like work horses. My only grumble is that the from the pictures there look to be 3 variants. These were all the same. Here's one last picture with the heavy draught horses and the hay wagon. I'll post more when this model is finished.

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