Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Cossacks - 15mm Old Glory

Back in March I posted a review and comparison of 15/18mm Cossack figures, and after picking these as my most "almost finished" unit they were quickly finished.

I've painted a few 15mm Old Glory figures recently and I've been really impressed by how well they come out. These are no different as they paint up really well.

I'm not planning on doing Russians, unless of course someone does Suvarov's troops for the Swiss/Italian campaigns.

The only issue I have with these figures is the bending of the lances. I'd replace these with steel lances if I had time.


Drew Jarman said...

Colin For the early Russian armies cant you just use the bicorne troops and mitre wearing grenadiers? Minifigs 1803 range should do it?

Colin Baillie said...

The Earlier 1799 Russian uniform was totally different. I've got some reference pictures that I'll post.

Drew Jarman said...

Indeed but apart from you who would know and at least they are good for 1805-07 then!

Gary said...

The Battle Honors 15mm rev wars range of Russians are ideal for this campaign as they are in a mix of uniforms. By this I mean some have gaiters, others are wearing peasant boots etc. Some even have the coat buttoned over to cover the lapels, common as they didn't all have greatcoats! There are musketeers, fusiliers, grenadiers and Jagers available plus dragoons and Cossacks for cavalry. They have artillery, but the Piedmontese mountain pieces they used are hard to do. Perhaps an Austrian 3pdr but cut around a bit to replace the normal wheels with the frame and small wheel base?