Tuesday, 21 July 2015

More from the Italian and Swiss Suvorov campaigns of 1799 book

Found a couple more images from this book. I'm not sure how many more colour plates there are but if there are more as good as this then the book is well worth getting... if you can find one.

Trebbia. June 6, 1799

1. The bugler of 8th Light Infantry (France).
2. Trooper 1st Cisalpine Hussars (Cisalpine Republic).
3. Colour bearer of the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Polish Legion (Cisalpine Republic).

Constance, September 26, 1799.

1. Private, Noble Cavalry regiment of the Duke de Berry (Russia).
2. Chasseur, Bachmann's Swiss regiment (Britain).
3. Fusilier, Roverea's Swiss regiment (Britain).

Mutten Valley, September 20, 1799

1. Guides of the Massena (France).
2. Chef de brigade of the line infantry (France).
3. Grenadier NCO of the musketeer Miloradovich's (Apsheron) regiment (Russia).

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Anonymous said...

There is a plate in the War Archive Library in Vienna, which shows the Bachmann Swiss unit in long darkish blue coats. although in British pay, the Bachmann, Roverea and one other Swiss unit fought as part of the Austrian forces in Switzerland.

Dave Hollins