Monday, 11 January 2016

Austrian Artillery - 15/18mm Blue Moon

While still trying to get the painting mojo back over the holiday I was unfortunately taken ill and ended up spending some time in hospital. All was fine and I had nothing to worry about, except being careful what I eat for the rest of my life, or suffer from stomach issues. But the worst thing was that I lost any painting momentum I had managed to get back, and sitting painting for any length of time still gives me stomach pains.

So I had to start small again. No 32 figure battalions. No cavalry squadrons. Just a couple of guns.

There were bought cheaply off eBay and were listed as Blue Moon 3 pounders. The crew were included, and were as described, but the guns look different to what is shown on the Blue Moon website - mostly the wheels that are not the same. Anyway, they were cheap, so they got painted.

For these I went a bit risky with the crew. Not big risky, just a little bit. I gave some brown trousers!! And I painted an infantry officer as an artillery officer so I had an artillery crewman wearing a helmet!!! Controversial or what? I've always liked the look of the artillery in helmet, and though the helmets probably never made it onto the field, I felt I could get away with it for one officer.

That's me finished 7 artillery bases but I still have to have 23 guns in my army, so loads still to do. The ones that I have already done were from Warmodelling and were 6-pounders pretending to be 3pdrs, so these may be replaced.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Good to hear your health has returned and see that painting continues.

Vive l'Empereur said...

Looks fine to me. Being in the artillery was filthy work pushing guns around and helping pull them through the mud - why not brown trousers?

Buckeye said...

Great work as always and good to see you return to health!