Wednesday, 27 January 2016

French Uniforms of the Egyptian Campaign

While having a look online to see if I could source some more information on the Coptic Legion in Egypt I found these rather nice flats from a company called Glorious Empires ( They supply a good selection of 54mm unpainted miniature flats for the Egyptian campaign and there are some interesting uniforms within the set...

Left to right: Foot Guides, Coptic Legion, Dromadary Corps
Left to right: Grenadier, Line Drummer, Greek Legion
Left to right: Marine Infantry, Maltese Legion, Line Infantry
Left to right: Officer of Demi-brigade, Marine Infantry


Jonathan Freitag said...

Cool uniforms!

Anonymous said...

Nice. thanks for the period uniform information. Playing the Battle of Aboukir 1799 this weekend for a historical based scenario. Kleber's uniforms would come later. I painted up my Armee du Orient using the Dixon 25mm miniatures back in the 90's.

Michael aka Wargamerabbit
Wargamerabbit on Google.