Wednesday, 26 February 2014

French 43e Demi-Brigade - Some opponents for my Austrains

While my Austrian army continues to grow I felt the need to add a bit of colour to the collection, and foresaw the probable future need to have something for them to fight against. I'm probably setting myself an impossible task, but I'd love to have a complete collection to represent all the belligerents of the Northern Italian battles of the early 1799-1800 period.

I've always liked Warmodellings figures, and always enjoyed the great service from Mike at Battle Models Ltd (Warmodelling's UK distributer; they have a new website. Take a look), so I ordered a battalion of 1800 period French line infantry wearing bicornes. I wasn't disappointed. I'm only half way through painting this battalion and I think they look great. I'd love to see these guys painted by a really good figure painter as I think they could look as good as AB miniatures.

I've also got distracted by the flags for the Demi-Brigades of this period. Each Demi-Brigade (Regiment) consisted of three battalions, with the 1st and 3rd battalions having a unique regimental flag, and each 2nd battalion with a standard design. Having searched the internet for suitable flags to download and get printed I wasn't really that impressed by those I found. Later French was cool. Other nations had nice flags. But not Late Revolutionary/Early Napoleonic French flags. So, I did my own. I still need to get them printed and to mount a flag on my standard bearer, but hopefully these will look great.

I'm planning on creating artwork for each Demi-Brigade, and have done about 10 to 15 so far. If you are interested in these let me know. The artwork is hi-resolution and can be scaled from 15mm up to 54mm if needed. (And I know there's a typo on the flag - its already sorted. Just not on this sample image).


Jonathan Freitag said...

Colin, I am certainly interested in your flags for the period!

While the Warmodelling French are compatible size-wise with AB, to me, the anatomy sometimes seems off a bit.

Colin Baillie said...

Jonathan, what size would you need and would you want printed flags or something you can print yourself? Is there particular Demi-brigades you want flags? I currently have done artwork for DB 1 through 7 with some random others, mostly those who were are Marengo.