Friday, 7 February 2014

What's Next?

I've kinda driven to a halt at the moment with the painting. I've got a job opportunity on the horizon and all my creativity is being taken up by penguins (yes, penguins). I suppose that the addition of black added to the colour scheme will make an amazing difference from all the head to toe white uniforms.

While that's going on in the forefront of my head, I had to use the rest of the grey matter to think of how to get myself re-motivated into getting some more figures on the table... and instead of getting on with the figure already in the leadpile, I've just went and gone and added more (surprise surprise). This time I've burst free from the white uniform haze of Austrians and ordered a battalion of early French from Warmodelling.

Mike Oliver at is always a pleasure to deal with, and has been known to have an order through your door almost as soon as the paypal button is pressed. So much so that if it takes a week to receive your order you start to worry something's gone wrong. No need to worry though. I've never had a complaint. The figures, although not quite in the standard as AB, are very good - and reasonable priced. £2.93 for a pack of 8 minis equals only 0.37p each!

So why French when I'm collecting Austrians? Well, I fancy playing a game or two of General de Brigade (a lovely set of rules that I purchased from Caliver Books - who also provide a fantastic service) and have a friend who stays close to me who is up for a few games. Of course, he doesn't have any figures, and I can't expect him to go out, spend a fortune, learn how to paint etc - well, not until I've done my best to get him hooked.

For now its back to the Austrians and the penguins until the blue-coated, bicorned, and overly enthusiastic French invade through the letterbox. Of course, pics will follow along with an out-the-bag review.

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