Wednesday, 26 February 2014

GM August Graf Briey de Landres

For my second brigade, which will consist of two battalions of IR47 Kinsky Regiment, the command base represents GM August Graf Briey de Landres. I've used a Warmodelling General to represent Briey, and the other in possibly from Battle Honours.

I tried to add a bit of scenery to this base, using a bit of broken twig to try for a battle damaged tree trunk. Not sure if it works or not. I'm also slightly unhappy with the horse the officer with the telescope is riding. It's a bit small compared to my other horses. I also found issues with the way the Warmodelling general fitted to his mount. The saddle cloth didn't fit snuggly onto the back of the horse unless the general was at a weird angle. I tried to pad it out with some green stuff, and it looked fine until I took the photos. It's probably fine for the table, but not my favourite base.

And here's the Army so far (minus the artillery) with IR47 Kinsky advancing in column while IR23 march from column into line.

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