Saturday, 18 October 2014

15mm / 18mm French Napoleonic Comparison - AB, Warmodelling, Blue Moon and Minifigs

A while back I did a quick comparison of some different manufacturer's Austrian figures and it has been one of the most viewed posts on my blog, so as I'm working on some French I took some pictures of a couple of figures from each range I have to hand.

So far my favourite range has been AB (which isn't much of a surprise), but as these are a bit pricey, I've been using Warmodelling to pad out the battalions and add variety. The quality of casting isn't as good on these, so its hard to tell if the sculpts were as good as AB but have deteriorated or if they are just rougher miniatures. With my painting it doesn't really matter though, as they seem to look much the same when finished.

Here are the pictures so you can make your own judgment...

Left to Right: Blue Moon x2, Warmodelling x2, AB x2, Minifigs x2

Left to Right: Minifigs x2, Blue Moon x2, Warmodelling x2, AB x2

The Minifigs are Revolutionary French Foot Artillery, the Blue Moon are 1805 Line Fusiliers in Greatcoat, the Warmodelling are Early French in Bicorne Line and Grenadier, and the AB are 1798-1806 Fusiliers.

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Jonathan Freitag said...

You know what? Those Minifigs compare quite well. I may have to consider them, if they can still be purchased.

Thanks for the figure comparison.