Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I also based some trees while waiting on the paint to dry on under coated miniatures. I always feel that a good wargame not only needs good miniatures and rules, but the scenery on the table always plays a strong part of the game. I've spent a fair bit of time building bridges, sorting out a Fontanone stream, and creating little scratch-built card buildings, and it was tempting to just put the trees on the table without spending any time on them. I decided to put these on mdf bases from warbases.com, a spread of PVA, a dusting of sand and grit, painted with my earth colour and drybrushed and flocked, and I have trees that are up to par.
Unfortunately, I have no idea who manufactured these. They've been hanging around in my garage for quite a few years now. I would like some more in the same style, but my other trees will have to do, even though they are of lower quality.

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Vive l'Empereur said...

Are you sure they aren't GW? Many years ago, GW made trees that were a bit different than what they have now. These have that appearance to me. If they have little metal wire branches, then there is a good chance that may be the case.