Friday, 21 November 2014

15/18mm Napoleonic Comparisons - Generals part 2

While painting some of the new Blue Moon Austrian Generals I thought I could do a bit more browsing on the internet for inspiration, and I found some very nice pictures.

These were my favourites, from (I think) the Mollo Collection. I particularly liked the aides, so on my first Blue Moon base I painted the figures as these.


General Adjutant


Staff Officer of the Quartermaster-General's Staff

I also found these two images, that although they were possibly earlier than 1800, they are quite good reference pictures.
 So, here are my painted Generals and General Majors....

The sets above are Blue Moon (left) and Old Glory (right).

These sets are  Warmodelling (left) and Old Glory (right).

And here are the Blue Moon (right) beside Warmodelling (left). Those two brands match quite well in my opinion.

After painting the new generals and seeing them side by side with other makes they fit in really well, even though the figures themselves had looked smaller. The biggest difference that I now see when comparing the various makes is that the Old Glory figures seem too large and bulky, especially those massive bicorne hats. I think I may dump those figures as I complete the Blue Moon ones.

I still haven't decided who this base will represent, but here are a few more pictures to let you see how nice these figures are. I also think I need some practise on painting horses. I don't think I'm getting them quite right.


Vive l'Empereur said...

Old Glory does tend to produce figures with hats a bit on the larger size. I believe the reason for that is for visual appearance once painted up. In the 6mm world, Adler does bigger heads for the visual impact (because it's about all you're going to really see). Have you considered AB?

paulalba said...

Very nice!