Wednesday, 12 November 2014

15mm / 18mm Napoleonic Comparison - Generals

The postman delivered a nice bag of miniatures from Old Glory UK today - some Austrian German Grenadiers (a command bag and a bag of grenadiers), which was enough for another 32 man battalion, and also leaving me enough command figures to allow me to complete the last two Grenadier battalions when I get round to buying two more packs of grenadiers.

The other bag was the new Austrian Generals set. These were released along with Blue Moons French, 1809 British, Russian and Prussian sets, which include 10 generals and 10 horse each.

These are lovely little figures, which were cleanly cast and ready to paint with very little preparation (the Grenadiers had a fair bit of flash under their trailing arm - an issue that seems to affect all the Blue Moon miniatures). You not only get 9 different Generals, but also 9 different mounts. And very nice horses they are as well.

I feel that, as with the other cavalry figures I have from Blue Moon, the only issue with these figures is that they are very small, and seem smaller that their infantry counterparts. One based and on the table this may not be noticeable, but I've put together some comparison shots for you to judge for yourself...

These are, top row from left to right, an Austrian mounted officer from Old Glory, a new Austrian General from Blue Moon, a French General from Warmodelling, an Austrian General from Old Glory (I had thought this one was Battle Honours but I was wrong), an Austrian General from AB (this one is Revolutionary Period) and lastly, a French General (Murat) from Sho Boki Miniatures.

Here are the Generals side by side to give a better idea of sizes.

Left to right, these are from Sho Boki, Blue Moon, Warmodelling and AB.

As you can see the Blue Moon figure is a lot smaller, but as the horse is slightly larger than the other makes it may even out the overall height of the mounted miniature.

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Jonathan Freitag said...

Interesting comparison. Blue Moon horses that I have from the AWI range look too scrawny to me but these look a bit better. Your last mounted officer top row looks like an Old Glory figure not Battle Honors to me.