Friday, 21 November 2014

Austrian Flags

I found these while looking for pictures of generals. I may try to create some flag artwork using these, once I've finished all the French flags I need for Marengo first.

The last two are particularly interesting, and I wish they were in colour. The first of the bottom two clearly shows the Austrian eagle on the reverse of the flag.


Phil said...

They look good!

Anonymous said...

The flag on the left in the third block (Bohemia) is here in colour as it hangs in Prague castle The one on the right (Mopravia) is in the HGM depot, but is apparently in too fragile condition to be photographed.

The 1804 flag intrigues me. Following Kaindl, I have said that the 1804 was never issued - and this would still appear to be true. However, the flag shown here clearly has some damage to it and the one in the HGM (no longer on display unfortunately) - also shown in Allmayer-Beck: Das Heer unter dem Doppeladler - does not, so obviously more than one Ordinarfahne was made.

Dave Hollins