Tuesday, 9 June 2015

IR23/IR47 Combined Grenadier Battalion

Here is the IR23/IR47 Combined Grenadier Battalion. I used Blue Moon's German Grenadiers to build this unit, my second grenadier battalion. These are really nice figures and match well with the German infantry though they seem taller - which they obviously should be. Maybe its just the height of their bearskins adding to effect, but they do look slightly bigger in scale.

Anyway, I didn't find this to be an issue and enjoyed painting these up. I decided that I needed to have some Austrians that looked like they had been in combat. They always look like they are straight off the parade ground. We really need a manufacturer to do some "campaigning" figures for this nation. There are plenty French or Peninsular British that look as if they've fought a few fights and walked many more miles.

So to try and make these a little less pristine I changed from pure white to a stone grey (and mixed in a little brown or sand on various figures). The effect was quite subtle and unfortunately seems to have been lost on the photographs - probably due to the flash. 

And here they are, a Combined Grenadier Battalion with grenadiers drawn from IR23 Toscana and IR47 Kinsky. The command base and one half of the battalion is wearing the red of IR23 as (I assume) they are the senior regiment, while the rest have the dark green of IR47.

Once I had done these I got out the rest of my completed battalions and set them out on the table. I was quite impressed by how it looked and I'm really motivated to get onto my Austrian cavalry.

Here is the two battalions of IR47 Kinsky with the combined grenadiers in the background.

Followed by three battalions of IR23 Toscana.

And finally the Hungarians, IR52 Anton, O'Donel's Freicorps, and a combined Hungarian grenadier battalion at the back.


Sun of York said...

Most impressive. I'm yet to really tackle the Austrian forces for my collection

paulalba said...

Excellent, that's a beautiful collection your building there Colin!

Colin Baillie said...

Thanks Paul.

Ray Rousell said...

Great work Colin!