Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Austrians at Marengo - A GdB Order of Battle

This Army list is from Wargames Illustrated, Issue 290 from December 20011 and is from an article
"Marengo, 1800. A General de Brigade Battle Narrative" by David Brown.

This list is a work in progress and will be updated. I'll also link to each unit as its finished.


C-in-C: General von Melas (+ 1 ADC - von Kaim)

BRIGADE          UNIT                                                STRENGTH       GRADE       LINK
O'Reilly              8th Nauendorff Hussars                   18 figures           Line
                          4th Banat Grenz                               30 figures           2nd Line    Complete
                          Skirmishers                                       8 figures            2nd Line

Bellegarde         IR52 Anton, 1st Battalion                  32 figures          2nd Line     Complete
                          IR52 Anton, 2nd Battalion                 32 figures          2nd Line
                          IR53 Jellacic, 1st Battalion                32 figures          2nd Line
                          IR53 Jellacic, 2nd Battalion               32 figures          2nd Line
                          3pdr Foot Artillery                              4 guns               Line

Marseille           IR63 Joseph, 1st Battalion                 32 figures          2nd Line
                         IR63 Joseph, 2nd Battalion                32 figures          2nd Line
                         Skirmishers                                         8 figures            Line
                         3pdr Regt Artillery                               2 guns               Line

Knesvich           IR63 Toscana, 1st Battalion               32 figures          Line         Complete
                         IR63 Toscana, 2nd Battalion               32 figures          Line        Complete

                         IR63 Toscana, 2nd Battalion               32 figures          Line        Complete
                         3pdr Regt Artillery                               2 Guns              Line         Complete

Briey                 IR47 Kinsky, 1st Battalion                   32 figures          Line         Complete
                         IR47 Kinsky, 2nd Battalion                  32 figures          Line         Complete
                         Skirmishers                                         8 figures            Line                        
                         3pdr Regt Artillery                               2 Guns              Line         Complete

Nobili                3rd Light Dragoons, 1st Sqdrn            12 figures         Line          Complete
                         3rd Light Dragoons, 2nd Sqdrn           12 figures         Line
                         3rd Light Dragoons, 3rd Sqdrn            12 figures         Line
                         9th Light Dragoons, 1st Sqdrn            12 figures         Line
                         9th Light Dragoons, 2nd Sqdrn           12 figures         Line
                         9th Light Dragoons, 3rd Sqdrn            12 figures         Line


Latterman         Grenadier Battalion IR23/74               30 figures         Veteran    Complete
                         Grenadier Battalion                             30 figures         Veteran 
                         Grenadier Battalion                             30 figures         Veteran
                         Grenadier Battalion IR52/53               30 figures         Veteran    Complete
                         3pdr Foot Artillery                                4 guns             Line

Frimont            Am Ende Light Battalion NR3              12 figures        Line
                        Bach Light Battalion NR4                     16 figures        Line
                        1st Light Dragoons                               16 figures        Line
                        Bussy Light Horse                                10 figures        Veteran     Complete
                        6pdr Cavalry Artillery                            3 guns              Line

C-in-C: General Ott (Average)

Gottesheim      Jagers - Skirmishers                             12 figures       Line
                        10th Light Dragoons                              12 figures       Line
                        IR28 Frolich, 3rd Battalion                     32 figures       Line
                        6pdr Cavalry Artillery                             3 guns             Line

Sticker              IR57 Colloredo, 1st Battalion                32 figures        2nd Line
                         IR57 Colloredo, 2nd Battalion               32 figures        2nd Line
                         IR57 Colloredo, 3rd Battalion                32 figures        2nd Line

Retz                 IR28 Frolich, 1st Battalion                     32 figures        Line
                        IR28 Frolich, 2nd Battalion                    32 figures        Line
                        IR40 Mittrowsky, 1st Battalion               32 figures        2nd Line
                        Skirmishers                                            8 figures         Line
                        3pdr Foot Artillery                                  3 guns             Line

There are probably some units that were at Marengo that aren't included here, and I may add those to my collection, but this is the main list I am working from. As you can see I am a long way from completion, and as I am probably adding the French as well - along with allied units that didn't make it to the battle - I'll be continuing this blog for quite a while.



Anonymous said...

I was in Vienna last week and had an interesting find in the Kriegsarchiv - seems Mras got a lot of his 1823 OMZ article from an account written by a Major Geppert, who was on the staff albeit down at Genoa, when Marengo was fought. The Mras OB is copied directly from his work. He also gives a slightly different version of events with the Consular Guard, although the account was written in 1804, which kills off that canard about the Austrians making it all up later, because of the fame of the Imperial Guard. He says that when the Guard moved north after initially shoring up Lannes, they were engaging the Mariassy Jaeger, which makes more sense, while Gottesheim fell back. Only later did the Lobkowitz Light Dragoons make their failed attack. It is also in this account that the four captured cannon appear.
Such is research! Dave Hollins

Devastating Double D said...

Thanks for this. I notice thatFrimonts light infantry are not listed as Skirmishers, so this would infer that these two units can only deploy some of their strength as skirmishers as per the Light Infantry rules. Do you agree?

Second I feel the French OOB in the opening scenario suffers from a serious flaw. Gardanne's units had been actively engaged for a few hours before the Scenario 1 starts, and according to Arnold, was bear 50% effectiveness after taking sustained artillery fire and trying to delay the initial Austrian advance. On that basis I think that in scenario 1, Gardanne's units must have at least a third of their strengths removed to replicate the casualties from the earlier action.