Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New stuff on the way!!

This week has been quite good for Austrian cavalry releases.

Sho Boki released his first pre-1798 Austrian cavalry, with Dragoons and Cuirassieurs in Bicorne. The cuirassieurs fill a gap missed in the excellent AB range.

You can see the development of these here... LINK

I ordered enough for the troopers of one squadron each of DR.3 Ersatz Johan and DR.9 Lichenstein. Command figures are still to be released from Sho but there are suitable Dragoons available from AB (I ordered a couple of these as well so I can do a comparison).

Next up Sho will be releasing Chevauleger, and I'll be needing a pile of these as well.

You can order Sho's figures here... LINK

The other release this week was from Campaign Games Miniatures who have given us Austrian Cavalry in helmets, Chevauleger and Cuirassiers, along with Uhlan and Hussars. These all come in "at rest" or "charging" poses.

These can be seen here... LINK

I've ordered a set of these as well today.

So, three orders. AB, Sho Boki, and CGM. Lets see who gets through the letterbox first!

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paulalba said...

Leah I was thinking of you when I seen Sho was sculpting these Colin, chuffed for you buddy! I'm waiting for his guard cossacks.