Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Oltramarina Schiavoni - Venetian skirmishers Part 4

The first unit of Oltramarina Schiavoni are now finished - a 12-figure unit in skirmish order. These have turned out really colourful and great little characters. Hopefully I'll get the chance to put these on a tabletop and see if I can put up a stronger fight against the invading French than the actual Venetians managed. As far as I can find out it seems that these were not inferior troops, nor badly trained or equipped, but suffered from a lack of conviction from the Venetian political leadership and from a lack of support from the Austrians.

I've also found a few more reference images and have artwork set up for the flags for at least the three battalions I have planned for this small army.

First, here are the figures...

So the next plan for this army is a full battalion of these in close order. I've converted all but a couple of these and they look good. Once I'd done a few it got really easy. I could probably have narrowed the hat a little at the top, and the red cloth should have had a yellow tassle, but for 15mm figures I think I'll stick with what I have.

One question I am asking myself though, is should I trim of the bayonets? All the images show them without.

Here's a great image of these troops fighting in close order (and taking quite a pounding!). The troops firing from the window look like the 16 Reggimento Treviso. The artillery in the background is interesting as well.


Grenzer John said...

Quite nice! Well done! (I'm an Austro-phile as well.!

Phil said...

They look good, very nice job, this uniform is really great!